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NOTICE:  Posted 03/25/2013 - If you recently placed an order or sent payment via USPS and I have not acknowledge receipt, please contact me ASAP as your order/payment may have been lost in a US Mail truck fire on I-75 in Florida.


* Maultier action, rubbed oil finish Whitetail style Walnut stock with some figure and modified fowler style buttplate for target or long-range rifle, iron parts are rust-blued, 3/8" dovetail sight slot milled in top of action $SOLD

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For sale:


Please view slideshow here as the site host album isn't working correctly - additional photos available by email.

A well balanced fast handling 54 caliber, 26" long octagon to tapered round barrel and step-adjust Jaeger style rear sight available now.  $SOLD


Specification on the Slimline "Hunter-Hammer" shown above:
Barrel - Length 36" ~  Straight octagon 7/8" across the flats ~ Caliber 50 ~ Twist 1:56
Stock - Improved Traditional style - Specialty grade high-figure Maple with hand-rubbed Tung oil gloss finish
Sights - Full buckhorn rear ~ Copper faced iron front blade
Features - Slimline design for utlimate comfort and handling.  Rifle length barrel.  Forged no-snag hunter buttplate.  Toe plate.  Ramrod stop.  Ambidextrous stock for left or right handed shooters.  Halfcock notch for safety.  Exclusive rust-blue/bronze metal finish.

Finished underhammers:

Maultier starting at $1,050

H&A starting at $800


There are a wide variety of options when selecting a fully-finished*, in-the-white* or semi-finished* underhammer.  Actions can be fitted with most any barrel length or profile with the breech end being up 1-1/16” in width/diameter without sticking past the sides of the action.  Multiple barrels can be fit to a single action, barrels are held to the action with three setscrews allowing barrels to be changed in less than a minute.  Any wood with suitable properties can be used for the buttstock/forestock.  Many different styles of sights, including scopes, can be utilized and may be mounted to the barrel or the action.  The wrist and forestock can be left plain or checkered.

H&A Style

Maultier Style

Complete actions as shown:

Standard H&A - $175

Maultier - $275


Underhammer Basic Replacement Parts:

Trigger $21

Hammer $21

Hammer/Trigger pivot screw each $9

Trigger Spring $6.50

Main Spring $18.50

Draw bolt (H&A only) $6.50

Breechplugs: 58”-18 $15    ~   9/16”-18 or ¾”-16 $25


Underhammer Building Parts / Options for Custom Guns:

Maultier action only – Wrist reinforcing pin; Wrist adapter ring


Common Parts:

Ramrod pipes/ferrules and fullstock thimbles - 5/16”; 3/8”; 7/16”; 1/2"

Plain; Fancy; Round; Octagon; Brass; Iron; German silver

Forestock ramrod pipe (used in place of wood forestock)

Sights – See general description under “finished underhammers” above.

Ramrod tips & pins – 5/16”; 3/8”; 7/16”; 1/2"  Brass or Iron; threaded #8-32 or #10-32

Solid barrel rib 24” long for 7/8”; 15/16”; 1”; 1-1/8

Patchbox blanks – Two or Four piece, assembled hinged lid & pawl, curved profile,

          0.050” thick, spring & screw included, available in Iron, German silver & Brass

Forged trigger guard lead-in (stock mounted) – Iron approximately 1/2” x 4” x 1/8

Toe plate blanks - 7/8” wide; 0.0625” thick; Lengths: 3-1/2”, 5”, 7” Brass/Iron/GS


Stocks – Finished, pre-carved & Blanks, general information:

Action must be supplied for fitting of a fully-finished or semi-finished stock.

Pre-carved stocks are for experienced gun makers, they are rough-shaped only and require fitting to action and shaping/fitting/drilling for buttplate.  All pre-carved stocks come drilled for drawbolt/wrist pin, installation of Maultier wrist pin optional.  Semi-finished stocks can be supplied with any action or may be fitted to your action.  A “semi-finished” stock is fitted and bedded to action and has buttplate installed, they will require final scraping/sanding prior to applying finish.  Stock blanks can be supplied as square or rough-cut to shape and drilled or un-drilled.  Forestocks can be supplied with or without barrel/ramrod channel(s).


Stock Styles:

Whitetail – I developed this design for modern centerfire guns about twenty years ago because I’d had enough of dealing with missed wing shots and getting my cheekbone mashed every time I fired a shot.  The Whitetail design eliminates the need for “cast” or offsetting the vertical plane of the buttplate from the centerline of the gun.  My Whitetail design improves handing by allowing the natural human body movement to smoothly bring the gun into shooting position with correct buttplate placement on the shoulder, correct eye to sight alignment, steadier hold and reducing the felt recoil.  The longer toe length of this design greatly assists in proper placement of the buttplate on the shoulder without having the heel point of a hooked buttplate to get snagged on clothing.


Improved Traditional – This is my rendition of the traditional H&A style.  This is a zero-cast ambidextrous stock suitable for either left-handed or right-handed shooters.  The perchbellies at the wrist and toe have been omitted to give this style improved handling and a look fitting of the flowing underhammer style.  The comb drop at the heel was added to improve handling. 

Semi-Traditional - Very similar to the Improved traditional with the perchbellies omitted but with a straight comb line.

Modern – My Modern style is essentially the same as the Traditional style with the exception of having the modern style vertical buttplate arrangement.


Custom – Custom stocks are available to accommodate your needs or desires.   



Barrel profiles with the breech end not exceeding 1-1/16” in diameter or across the flats will not stick out past the action profile.  Clients may choose to supply their own barrel if desired.  Barrel lengths can vary greatly depending on the client’s desires and are normally between 24” and 36”.  The particular barrel length, mass and profile must be taken into consideration when designing a gun for a particular application and I will be happy to assist with the design process.



*Fully-Finished: The gun is supplied with all wood and metal finished.

*In-The-White: The gun is supplied with all work completed but without finish on any metal or wood.

*Semi-Finished: Client has the option to select whatever portions of the work are to be completed.

*Although I make every effort to pack items in a suitable manner, guns or parts shipped “in-the-white” or “semi-finished” are subject to environmental and other conditions that are beyond my control and may require additional cleaning, sanding or scraping prior to applying any finish.  


Contact me for details or with any questions.  Email or Phone 352.303.4200


 Custom/Semi-Custom Rifles, Fowlers, Pistol & Kit Assembly

If you don't see it listed, I'll be happy to build it for you or assemble kits/parts you already own.  It is impossible to list all the options available so please contact me with your desires.  Repair, restoration and customization services on most any muzzleloading gun including re-stocking, inlay installation and carving.  Custom & re-stocked guns can be fitted to you beyond just lenght of pull, whatever your needs, I will be happy to accomodate them.   
.54 Flintlock  *View slide show here*

Specifications: (Rifle as pictured available for immediate delivery)
Caliber - .54
Barrel Length - 33"
Rifling Twist - 1:66
Lock - Small Siler

Sights - Brass front blade; Full buckhorn rear
Options included - Double set trigger; Poured pewter nose cap; Carving & engraving; Inlay.
Rifle as pictured - $SOLD



 Fire & Iron exclusive: 


Traditional or Contemporary for Hunting & Target

Big Game Hunter affords performance with the power of a rifle in a handgun.  Traditional full-stock or contemporary half-stock.  Typical configuration: 50cal or 54cal slow-twist in tapered octagon or octagon-round profile 12-16" long with saw-handle grip.  Tang mounted rear sight affords more accuracy with the longer sight radius.

Field Hunter & Target pistols can be done in most any caliber, stock configuration and barrel profile.  Rifled barrels can be either fast or slow twist, smoothbore also available.

Flintlock or percussion ignition in sidelocks; underhammer percussion will be available shortly.
Prices can vary greatly according to desired options, please call or email me.

Kit assembly - I will assemble "kits" or "parts sets" purchased elsewhere provided the materials are of acceptable quality.  Assembly fees vary greatly according to the quality of the kit/parts supplied.  Estimates are free but you are responsible for the return packaging & shipping costs.

*A limited number of barrels are available in standard centerfire bore & twist combinations for shooting common conical style bullets and custom barrels are available in most any combination of caliber and twist rate.

View slide show here.

Specifications: (pistol pictured – available for immediate delivery)
Caliber - .54
Barrel length - 16”
Rifling twist – 1:66 (round ball)
Options included on pistol shown:
Standard incised molding lines.  Relief carving, oak leaf pattern, on grip and fore stock.  Lock panel finial carving.  Belt clip.Pistol as shown – demo model special - $1400

** Check your local laws before placing order, all sales/shipments must comply with local and state laws!  Purchase statement required. **



Gunstock & Handgun Grip Services:


Complete refurbishing and refinishing services for all wood stocks and handgun grips, including strengthening and wrist reinforcing.

Re-cutting or cutting new checkering including special styles as incise or compound fish scale and others.  Line or acanthus borders can be added to most checkering.

Installing my exclusive vertical thermal venting system (First in the business & still the best)

Installation of metal or wood inlays and checkering/grip panels.


Wood Stains:

Wide selection of standard and custom-blended colors in both solvent and oil base.  Natural tannin stains are the oldest method of coloring and cannot be purchased, I make my own just as craftsmen did for about the last 3000 years.  Stain, ink/stain drawing painting options are limited more by the imagination than materials.


Stock / Grip Finishes:

Natural oil – Pure Tung or Linseed oils applied in multiple hand-rubbed coats.

Shellac – Natural shellac applied in multiple hand-rubbed coats.

Violin Finish – Special tinted shellac applied in multiple hand-rubbed coats.

Lacquer – Multiple coats applied by pneumatic spray, top coat is hand-rubbed.
Hard clearcoat – Spray applied synthetic UV-stabilized clear gloss finish.

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